Yo sé porque es importante

“yo sí es importante para ser en CDMX…hoy yo sé porqué es importante”

The first photo of many in this particular space.
The first photo of many in this particular space.

The thing is I have to be here. I can’t explain it totally, but I have been compelled to live here from the moment I first landed. I can feel the pulse of life in every bit of this city at any given moment. But then, then I discovered what I could see through my camera of this place. Like pointing a microscope at a slide sampling blood. There it is. All the color and texture of life pulsing right there in the open streets. I close my eyes and dive deeper. I can’t help but want to pull that off the surface of the photo.

So in interest of time – refer back one blog post about failure to catch up – because I have to move forward. The thing is I wasn’t going to let that stop me, so I tested some new spray fixatives and I had totally forgotten how some of them worked. So no I was not able to recover the previously ruined piece. It was a good surface to test out the varnishes. I put up a smaller piece I am working on for my mother so I could test on a different surface with different treatments. I know right?!?! Where was this analytical thinking yesterday when I derailed over 14 hours of time invested and made an example of that piece? HA! Ok, but really. I didn’t want to ruin what I was doing in front of me again.

I started on the second Joan of Arc. Not connected with intention to International Women’s Day. Sorry can’t take credit for that. I think about these things all the time and they come to life when they come to life without the reminder from facebook that today is…”insert holiday”. So what I forgot about this particular varnish/fixative is that it reactivates the oils as well so while wet it is a playground of mysterious happy accidents waiting to happen. Like sex it is.

I already know what I need to do to complete the piece so I am hoping by the end of Saturday. I just had to stop because my hand is aching a bit, so cutting this post short as well. Oh….here’s the piece I am working on for my mom.

For Mom
              Small section of piece working on for my mother.