Throwback Thursday

I love this idea that we dig into the archives and reveal memories of days gone by, but in this case we apply it to artwork. 🙂 I’ve been in in bed for the past week coping with the pain of gallstones, so I have not been able to post much. Today I am vertical again thanks to medicine and man am I anxious to reconnect with the world. I am not a lay in bed kind of guy. I watched 5 seasons of MADMAN and the first season of Alienest. At least some of Netflix is available here in Mexico.

Very excited to tell  you that I have been working with photographers to get all the paintings digitized, so now you can purchase prints of much of the work. This past week there was a photographer in my studio here in Mexico City shooting and at the same time a photographer in Ventura CA pulling from the gallery and shooting there. A truly international operation at work.

Vagrant 4
The proliferation of social media has allowed us to create masks of identity indicating our wealth, status, and desires open to the public. Often the image portrayed by these profiles are mere symbols, creating a surface language, and a shallow impression of who we are. In this series I have deconstructed our RGB profiles to pose the question “What beauty are we missing by oversimplifying the messages about who we really are?”

For instance the entire Vagrant Desire series is now digitized and can be printed to different sizes for display in your home. I did this series in the last year and was presented in the exhibition In Exile this past winter. These pieces have been recreated a few times in different sizes to meet the buyer’s desired scale. I do this with a lot of my work because I want to make the pieces more accessible to my clients. For instance, it could be a budget issue or it could be a space issue you are working with. I’m currently reworking a piece for a friend in the Moldives who is a fan and wants some work, but can’t afford a full scale painting. So I am recreating the piece much smaller and shipping it to him.

St Aelred, 2018
Mixed Media Oil Pastel
36 × 24 in; 91.4 × 61 cm
Study for larger mural size. The history of LGBT people in the church is complex and hidden by cloaks of honorable mythologies. However, it is indisputable that in order to be deified, one’s sexuality must be stripped as a part of their history. In this series I bring their stories as queer icons back to the front and state emphatically we have to celebrate all parts of the person. Regardless of sex, age, nationality, and or orientation, it is all parts of their being that elevate them to status of hero. There is beauty in complexity of the individual transcending any branding as saints by religious institutions.

Super thrilled to be able to offer my paintings I am creating for upcoming exhibition as prints as well. My 4 months thus far in Mexico City (my spiritual soul of all my work) has been very productive and I’ve been able to experiment with much larger scale work. I think it is important to note that I left my teaching job to spend more time in the studio, so having that time and not competing with a job has been very important to my progress. I’m not scheduling myself and progress on my work anymore. I can work on more than one project at a time. I can leave my home to visit a museum or gallery to receive inspiration and return to work without worrying I must run to bed or prep food for the next day at work. The creative process is much more fluid and relaxing than it previously had been. It’s really a huge gift to be able to work this way. Which is why I developed this website to share more of my process with you. It is also how I had the time to develop my website as well.

Have you had a chance to check this out yet? It is this site with a much deeper and richer dive into what I am doing. I will put a sample in here or you can sample at the site itself. I released small amounts of the content for free there so you get the idea, but once you pay $5 a month to subscribe you get full access and receive rewards for your loyalty.