Things are Poppin’

I’ve made great progress this week in bringing things back into my studio that I am paying other people for. For instance, the site is being moved inside of this site I was paying 10% of my earnings to to host my site and provide the option of membership subscriptions at different levels and then 3% to paypal to transfer the money to my account and 3% more to citibank to withdraw money here in Mexico. EEK! Moving it here reduced that cost to 6%. Can’t do much about paypal or international charges. Next? Next is building my store out so you will see the option to buy prints and originals here on this site, my facebook page, and potentially instagram (evaluating the extra cost). I am going to be using shopify.

I spent 5 hours navigating their site trying to work things out. Only got two images up yesterday after much experimentation. This was partially due to low energy of not being able to eat and my brain would not focus. Today I managed 2 eggs with some shredded chicken. NOw I am at Starbucks working things out. I can’t work at home right now. I get so distracted and lazy right now after a month of laying in bed. I just need to get out and see people more right now. Today I am going to work with my files of prepped images to get them up on Shopify and in here.

I also met with my friend Mark who is the best massage therapist I’ve ever had. We do exchanges of art for massage. He rented the apartment next to his here in Mexico City in the Roma district right next to Plaza Cabrera. Amazing location and great space. He turning it into an airbnb business and wanted to meet about using my art in the space. I think what we agreed on is I can’t output any funds to support, but I do have all these prints of paintings and photos. He is going to hang some of the work and we will list everything for sale. He will get back the initial costs when the work sales. I will have some more exposure and be able to lead potential buyers back to my site. 🙂 A little time is the biggest investment. Even if it doesn’t lead to any sales it’s a test to get more work out there.

Ok ok…Now I need to get busy. I will let you all know when the store is active.