Debating the Value of Specific Exhibition Opportunities

This post is a stream of consciousness so it goes back and forth a bit. It’s a decision making progress externalized. That in mind the writing may be hard to follow so I recored a short video covering the points. Mixture of excitement over doing the work anchored in my usual pessimism it will be worth the effort. 

I am in a full on debate in my mind if taking certain opportunities are worth the investment of time, energy, and potential funds is reasonable. Presented with an opportunity from my friends Mark & Leo (famously featured at the top of the HUMAN gallery page). SO they rented an apartment next door to their own to use as an airbnb. They had asked about using my art in the space and I have loaned them some work with the intent of it being available for sale while in the space. I have very little space and that will not get better with pending downsize. It’s a good way for the work to at least be seen by some rather than none. I can pop a catalog on the coffee table with other images and such. Blah blah blah blah…done.

Mark contacted me last night asking if I wanted to do a POP UP exhibit in the space before all the stuff gets moved in. Turns out our friend Aida is doing her POP UP Oaxacan food restaurant on Friday. There would be people coming in all day that could be pulled upstairs to see the art. I could invite people to come and view the work that I’ve been trying to get in (this shows on my pro & cons list). This afternoon I popped over to check out the space and get a sense of what he can do. It’s a lot for me.


  • I am missing open studio events where I get to see people react to the work and talk to them
  • Could be good exposure
  • Gives me a task to focus on with an outcome of potential sales
  • Oh yes, potential sales. Not likely. Potentially laying ground work for commissions or future sales. There, that’s probably more accurate.
  • The work would be prepped to show when it is not at the moment. It is all taped to my studio walls.
  • If the work is prepped I am more able to take on last minute challenges like this to do pop ups. I can even plan it as part of my practice like I did for open studio events.
  • I could do a small catalog of photo prints for sale and modify a card I have to promote the store/subscriptions.


  • Lots of stress when I am still not 100%.
  • No one will show up. Complicated that it is on 4th floor and someone has to open the door going up and down stairs for each person in and out.
  • Spending money. “INVESTING” money?
  • The idea of doing  a pop up in the abandoned space feels closer.
  • Stress…did I say that? Stress. Estres. Muchas.
  • Can I get people there with such short notice? Can I get people who will buy art? That’s actually a deeper question.

I’ll probably return and add to this list as the evening moves forward. LIKELY

CONCLUSION: So I put it out to the universe and it answered me in insomnia. I can’t do a pop for Friday. Just too fast with so many elements. The stress kept me awake. Just not sure I can get enough of the people I would need to for it to be worth all the stress.

Mark & Leo Space