Sunday March 4, 2018



I know it’s Sunday, but when the work is there you do the work. I am so fucking excited about all the things that are happening here for me in Mexico City. I feel very validated by my decision to make a change and commit fully to my dreams of creating art 110% percent of the time.

my wall for the #vaporlaroma project
my wall for the #vaporlaroma project
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So today I got an email from #vaporlaroma letting me know I have a mural space to participate in the project. I am super excited about this opportunity and also super terrified. That’s a great place to be in. It’s not about stress. It’s about pushing myself into new areas and really testing my notions about what is possible. I have always loved mural art and been influenced by what I see on the streets of DF. It’s seems quite natural that I should move in this direction as my career is expanding. The fears are only about stupid things like failure. Whatever. I am open to this exploration and excited to push myself. For the content I am looking at LGBTQ history in Mexico and perhaps some blending of aztec symbols. It’s going to be a fine line between expression and appropriation. I will be consulting with several people over the next week as it comes together. I am also going to post a gofundme to pay for the supplies. Maybe offering inside access to those who donate with videos and personal updates. I’ve started my storyboarding process much like I did as an art director in publishing for years. Google image searches. Combing through stacks of magazines and books. Reading up on history. Getting my context down. Much of this will be fleshed out in this space. I am discovering – once again in my life- the power of journals to bring things from my head into the real world.

Prints on floor
Prints back from shop ready to be hung and worked through.

In my studio I am a bit torn on what to work on. The exhibition for summer is somewhat on hold. Not officially, but the gallery has been too busy to really take the next step and do a studio visit. I need to collaborate with the Director and curator so that we are all on the same page. Of course I also really need a deadline. I am putting so much energy into the work. I have quadrupled my scale to meet their needs, but that comes at the cost of pulling all my focus and materials in one place. So since they cannot meet for 3 weeks I am going to work on my “sketches” for the succeeding pieces. I will do the next two paintings at 24×36 (poster scale) to work out some of the details and create work at a scale more likely to sale easily. I’m very excited about what I am seeing in the images for potential.

Model I worked with in Zipolite @dittoonstage (instagram)

Next is this project of male nudes regarding desire. I was so lucky while vacationing in Zipolite (Oaxaca) to meet this model. I had seen him on the beach walking several times and was immediately attracted to the masculinity of his body. He is my height but super muscular with all these circles forming a strength grounded to the earth. I saw him on a gay dating app and sent him a message letting him know about my observations, project, and desire to work with him. I wasn’t traveling with my professional camera so my galaxy s7 had to be used. I also did not have a light kit or a ladder to get the purity of the angle I wanted. However, I love what came out of the session. That night in the same bed I was tossing and turning. It reminded me of the fluidity in which he allowed me to explore his body with my camera. He’s a dancer so he just started to move. I would say stop and he’d freeze. Go and he would continue to move. It was an intense session for me. I was so nervous. I am used to working with flat images not people, but I have this big foto project coming up and I need to get past my fears. The theme for 2018 – “Get over it!”  I was playing with the print on the floor getting ready to hang it and noticed the vertical composition felt much  more exciting. This will be my first sketch for the larger project to shape up over the next few months.

The other larger project I am working on right now is about challenging myself to work with other artists and models. I am doing a foto project with my friend Martin and his friends. We will be using Baños Finistere in San Rafael colonia as the scene for an erotic foto session. I have been imaging doing this for years. I love the stark white tiles of the showers and steam rooms. Imagine a series of photos of men in white towels showering, kissing, moving through the space, and cruising one another. Erotic not pornographic. Using the double exposure technique of the piece above. I have a meeting today to start the calendar and plotting out the models etc…

Lastly, cause my fingers are exhausted, there are the smaller originals which have been the faster sales for me. Small is better for apartments, budgets, and I can create on the side. I have 3 pieces already framed and ready, but I would like a minimum of 10 to start presenting these for display in local cafes and pop up spaces.

Ok ok…descanse…