Proyecto Residencia

Proyectos de Residencias MX – Our residency program welcomes multidisciplinary artists of all ages and backgrounds to explore the richness of Mexico City in the context of your creative process. PRMX is for emerging and experienced artists, designers, architects, curators, and researchers to pursue their creative endeavors without pressure to produce. We are a Queer safe space and do not edit ourselves to the comfort of opposing viewpoints. We hope for constructive and honest experiences. We do not discriminate based on age, level of experience, sexual orientation, the genre of artistic expression, degrees held, or the myriad of other limitations that are used to define creative expression. Creating opportunities with respect to the individual and community is our mission.

Mission and Pricing

If you do some research on artists’ residencies in CDMX you will soon discover the value being offered by PRMX. Some are formalists and some are solely space driven. All of them are more costly with different benefits and drawbacks. PRMX is driven by personal history and a desire to create a more open creative process benefiting the community of artists living here or beyond.

This adventure started as a method to support my studio practice but has expanded to community building in CDMX for local and international artists. It’s a huge city with a dispersed community. I was more accustomed to the US model where studios are clumped into communities with regular events to draw in patrons. Even having participated in the largest and most prestigious cultural event of Mexicraneos this past year, I did not find a shared community of artists I’d expected. Cultural and circumstantial. All artists here work several jobs or angles and often can’t afford studio spaces outside their home or as well located as PRMX. If it doesn’t exist, it is certainly desired, so enters PRMX.

As a former professor, department chair, and Dean of Education for Art Institutes (LA, Hollywood, Inland Empire, SF, and Houston), over 15 years, my primary theme has always been creating what I coined as an “opportunity factory”. I like to make connections between desires and skill sets. Bring like-minded and opposing forces together with food, drink, and creative context. I’ve learned to remain flexible, listen to students and faculty, industry, employers, and create an opportunity for each of them connected. That’s a unique value in a world fractured by politics and circumstances.

Your visit supports a wide range of possibilities extending well beyond the time you are here, but we are not buying a boat or paying for our children’s education with your money. It sustains activities and community building.

This is the larger studio space available at a different cost. Please ask directly if you will need more space than the rooms provide well in advance.

Costs in USD (locked at the time of deposit to current exchange rates due to volatile trade agreements):

There are several options available to you and we continue to add to our spaces. Please take a look at photos for the spaces in the Facebook page @proyectoresidenciamx – The 3rd space is under construction currently so photos will be available by March and since we do so many customizations photos are updated often. We are also in line to take over another space in the same building this summer. Growth is happening.

Art Studio Loft:

This room features a loft for living and a lower space for working. This is our most popular space because of its unique character of a church window, loft, and spiral staircase. It has a lot of flexibility in furnishings of desks, tables, easel, and other items. This room has a clip light system and can be customized to work needing more light. We often shift furniture based on the needs of our artists and continue to add options. Please ask for the current price list.

Gallery Loft:

This room is perfect for computer-based work for photographers, animators, and writers. The room features a smaller loft (which a new desk and shelving are currently being installed to). The lower level includes a comfortable bed, dresser, and work area as well. It is the quietest of all our rooms, with some ambient noises from the mechanic shop open during daytime hours. Current photos are available on Facebook because we are constantly customizing spaces for visiting artists. Please ask for the current price list.

Gothic Studio Loft:

This room is coming available in February/March and is a loft space above the larger studio space. It is unique in character with built-in bookshelves and a view over the balcony of two large gothic style church windows. It is the more open of all our spaces but still maintains about 90% privacy (no sound barriers like doors). The studio below is active and the is the passageway into the other studios so you do hear noise from that and the surrounding buildings. It offers a vista of two gothic church windows and ventilates very well from the smaller window on the other side. The ceiling is slightly shorter so it wouldn’t be appropriate for taller abstract paintings or Abraham Lincoln (for example). It features a larger desk work table, built-in shelving, a comfortable queen-sized bed (the others are “matrimonial”), television, and more. Current photos are available on Facebook because we are constantly customizing spaces for visiting artists. Please ask for the current price list.

Chromatic Large Studio:

You will see photos of this on the Facebook page, but often occupied by my current projects, drawing groups, social events, etc. I do rent this space based on the needs of other artists with notice. This space is not meant for sleeping and would be used in addition to another studio rented for larger projects, workshops, or events. Current photos are available on Facebook because we are constantly customizing spaces for visiting artists. Please ask for the current price list.

Included ValueTours:

A Taco Tour (you pay for your food/beverages) and an introductory tour of supply stores, mercados, the neighborhood, and a 24/7 on-call guide to finding things, food, etc.


Continental breakfast of pan, fruit juice, and coffee will be made available to you each day but Sundays. Please note this is based on the availability of items that can be affected by holidays, manifestaciones (protests), natural disasters, acts of God, and this being Mexico…well Mexico. I also use the kitchen here for all my meals. Often I will overcook as a child of a gigantic Irish Catholic family in the midwest and make meals available. I tend to cook international flavors and local dishes to offer a background in the flavors of Mexico and their relationships to seasonal items, mercados, and politics.

Full use of a kitchen stocked with basics needed to prepare your own meals. Most of our guests prefer to take advantage of the rich culinary offerings in this area. You can go from delicious mixoate tacos to glam dinner with 10 courses all within a 5-minute walk of PRMX. Prices ranging from 50 cents (USD) to $50 for the higher end. Your international money will go very far in MX.


Open Studio. Drawing groups. Critique groups. Quinceaneras. (just kidding). Depending on when you are in PRMX and calendars we do open studio events that invite galleries, patrons, and the public to attend and meet our visiting artists who can show their work. This is all about timing as there are times when it is not effective to do these. You mentioned July as your proposed dates and this is a great time to capture a very diverse international audience in the city. I am already working with an artist to potentially do light installations in the spaces for that month as well. There may be some connections from what I am reading in your application. I am also working with a real estate developer who is rehabbing a historic space down the street about an event of art interventions which may be where the light artist goes…and some other potentials. Things in Mexico flow on a schedule bewildering to a gringo, so remaining flexible is essential. I like to set the stage with intentions and see what unfolds naturally. That style works very well with the cultural assumptions of time here.

The BasicsCleaning Services

Your space will be cleaned weekly by our maid, linens, and towels each week, plus special amendments to space as needed.FoodThe kitchen is available to help you meet your needs. If you want a more formal arrangement where meals are planned etc please make the request well in advance. As mentioned, there is no shortage of amazing and cheap options within the zone and all around us.


You have access to a washer. Dryers are not so common here and clothes are generally hung in your space or if another is open. I’ll guide you on this ritual undertaking and we’ll burn copal to bring the drying gods around. I do ask you to contribute to the water/soap fund. Water is a major issue for CDMX, but we are fortunate to have a good pump and cistern system in place. Outages are rare but do occur.

Cell Service

Assuming your phone is unlocked (required by US law now) we can provide you with a sim card. This will have a starter amount of data and calls to use which can be recharged for very low amounts while here. The ability to use google maps, google translate, open table, social media, and etc are available to you. Wifi is free in the streets for many tourist zones, abundant in PRMX, and often available for customers in many locations.


You will be issued a transit card to load with money (up to 100 pesos at a time ($5USD)). These are now part of the new millennia and can be used on most of the transit outside localized micros. Metro (subways) is 5 pesos. Metrobus (express lane bus major arteries) 6 pesos. Etc…. We also have an abundance of scooters, Uberbikes, other brand minute rental bikes, and more within the zone. Also, we have Uber, Beats, DiDi, and whatever services for cars that arrive and disappear before while you are here. I walk everywhere from here and you can as well if desired.

Other Costs

Please be sure to consider the other costs that might present themselves during your stay here for your budget. There are other additional options you may want to consider beyond supply costs and your general food costs.


PRMX is opening a second location at the base of POPO volcano in the Spring/Summer of 2020. This rural setting in Chimal is a perfect place to relax amongst a garden of flowers and fresh fruits and has a significant connection to the art history of Mexico. The Pueblo is about 1-2 hours transport outside the city and transport is provided at cost (Please ask for the current price list.). More information will be made available as we open in April/May.


If you crave a taco tour, art gallery, cultural tour, or other customizable option, then please let me know. I offer these tours through my business Culture Vulture Tours and will discount prices for you as a guest of PRMX.


Meals can be arranged for you based on needs and timing. There are so many options available for you here it is easier to tell me what you imagine and I can quote you what it would cost here.


Postcards, business cards, etc can be printed at very low costs here in CDMX. Plan in advance and be sure to ask. Design services available and fulfillment are available as I have over 20 years of experience as a graphic designer and professor of design.


As we are small and keeping prices low, if something is broken or damaged in your stay you will be asked to take responsibility for repairs and replacements. This is an honor-based system since charging damage deposits could prevent some artists from attending. We hope you will respect the mission and outcomes of PRMX by honoring this.

This is just an overview to give you an idea of what to expect. We look forward to hearing from you confirming your continued interest. Please remember that your requested dates are very popular times here in CDMX, so we need you to respond and place your deposit to lock in desired dates. It’s also FAR CHEAPER to book a plane ticket at least 3 months in advance than at the last minute.

Your Application

Complete the application in the link provided. Once we review your application and extend an invitation, to accept the residencia you will be required to make a deposit of 25% for your accommodations and dates.

*Companions allowed with an extra fee. No pets at this time. * Special pricing can be offered for longer stays. Please indicate in your application length of stay and custom needs for pricing beyond what is listed here.