Many hours of work to accomplish what before would seem so simple.

Life right? First it was getting this site up and running. That goal had been sitting around for a few years and came to fruition about 6 weeks ago. In that time I have garnered over 1000 subscribers to site. How cool is that? It made me think that there is some need out there to be more connected. I matched that with my desperate need to sale work supporting the studio practice. But the paintings were a bit higher priced than some of my friends and family could afford and I like to keep things as accessible as possible without damaging my ability to create new work…and eat. That is when my gallery (DAB ART) and I decided we could add giclées to the offerings on

Goal accomplished

Well today my photos and several of my paintings are available as fine art giclée prints with in limited editions. I decided to rotate out some of the photo prints so each month new ones will be made available, but if there is anything in the catalogue you are interested in not shown it can be made available with a few hours of work. Basically anything on my instagram feed can now be made available. Just ask.

Available as print
This photo is now available in various sizes with a fine art quality press and paper.


The last piece of the puzzle has been the integration of into my life of practice. I love bringing people into my studio. Over the last year I have done live broadcasts, interviews, and various things to give you all a view into the studio. That doesn’t change with patreon but it does support my studio in a more direct manner. It allows you to subscribe and have deeper experiences and add art to your collection. Simply put – for as little as $5 a month you will be supporting future art and be rewarded with art of your own to put on your walls.

I’ve gotten a few trolls out of the process who think I am cheapening my work by asking for subscribers to pay. I say look up the art history of patronage and connect that to many museum and gallery experiences. There are many connections. Art doesn’t sale like shoes. It is slow process to find the art you want in your home and be willing to invest. Right? Well all through that time the artists need to survive and thrive enough to create that art. For every piece we love there are 20 sitting on the floor discarded as part of the process. I don’t think it cheapens it at all. I am excited there is technology available to allow all this to happen. I can bring you into my studio to watch, learn, collaborate, and discuss the work. I spent upwards of 50-70 hours a week working in my studio alone, so these connections are important to me.

Anyway….I hope you will consider a small investment and the returns for that investment as valuable to your life. As small as $5 adds up and helps to support my work. Please please please consider what you can do. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT