Dear Diary

A Longggg Day

Well I have to thank my friend Miguel Adrian for stopping over after his long day of work to be figure model for me so I could work out ideas for the mural. Here I am at 10:10PM tapping away. Got as far as I can for today. Much happier with this direction. I think … Leap ForwardA Longggg Day

Colors of Desire

Today I started mapping out the shapes and figuring out the colors I want to use on this large nude piece. With the two figures overlapping I am trying to use two color schemes that compliment and contrast so the shapes don’t get lost. I am also working out which of the two bodies will … Leap ForwardColors of Desire

Mural Project Meeting

Today I got to meet with Aida who is the lead on the VaPorLaRoma project. I believe she has a natural ability to make people feel comfortable. She also seems to have connected with almost every person we crossed during our walk in the colonia. She spoke english and I spoke spanish. Every day I … Leap ForwardMural Project Meeting