Wait, you didn’t just come here to see the black bar removed from the photo did you? Perve. But hey, no judgement. 🙂

I’m working through my ideas of how the model will need to move and what I will need from them in advance. It helps me to model it here first and think as if I were painting it now. There are some highlights and other elements that I am already working though. You note the glow in the connecting parts which Will be used in a yellow or orange when I do the painting. So as a photo right now it appears like jigsaw with the white space connecting from one side to the other, but in the final it won’t appear that way at all. I’m noting the position of the model and angle as I am going to be purchasing a ladder to use for the next series of photos. In this instance I was in a hotel room and only had access to a chair. I tried to get as much above the model as possible. I love the effect of the slight angle to create discomfort, but I would prefer to have the flexibility of removing that as well. The model here has a better knowledge of his body and where the camera is than many of the models I will be using. As I am working with the images I am noting how I would direct the model to show me what I am looking for. I am sort of thinking of it like when I was a yoga instructor and wanted a student to make a subtle adjustment. A slight tap. A soft word.

In this one I removed the sheets from the background. I love working with fabric, but I also noticed that the forms were begging to be set free. I wanted to relieve myself of context and place and focus solely on the forms interactions. Where do they connect? How do they connect? What is the significance of how the bodies interact? I chose to go in a different direction from the first one as part of the experiment. There are things about this I find more satisfying already. I am loving the abstraction of the forms and how they create these invisible planes of perspective.

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Sketching in progress
Sketching in progress

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