Muchos Más

Muchos Más. Many More.

Fitting reminder there will be many more pieces to come with the willingness to allow them. I am nervous. Tonight I will start at the new job with a feast and camaraderie. New peers disconnected from my art reality but apart of it even if they don’t know or experience it. I am drifting through the week like a kid who lost his favorite puppy and is worried when he’ll return. If he’ll return. Hope upon hope. Dramatic for sure. Just kind of in a daze worried I won’t retain my practice despite having evidence that I have before. I want to identify the differences. hoist them upward on the pole and wave to the world. “See, I told you it was different.” The reality is, whatever is inside me that keeps plunging forward onto the surfaces of paper, is still in forward motion.

I am delaying posting this finalized piece to ensure that I believe it is finalized.