Movement in the studio

Yesterday was not one of my better days. I set out with a list of things I wanted to accomplish and really spent most of my day stressed about what the next move on this piece would be. This rarely happens to me. I am often plagued by doubts, but my answer is generally to go right into action.  Yesterday was all about static motion. Basically I sat and stared at the painting for almost 8 hours. Got no resolution. SO this morning when I got up I did not linger.

I leapt out of bed and made it immediately. I then went to the kitchen and produced my breakfast. For a short time I was unsure, so I decided to leave the studio and walk it off. I went to return my purchased liquitex paint pens which sucked arse. I went to the frame shop and there was a problem with my job. We resolved it and then I went to get a juice before returning back to the studio. I love that i can get a liter of fresh beet, celery, lemon, and orange juice for 35 pesos (about $2.25). I got home and did not waver in my energy. Directly to work.

I mapped out the coils in the corset of the figure on one side and spent most of the day playing with varnish, color, and lines added and subtracted. A small preview of that here for you, but you can watch a 32 minute version if you subscribe to All in all a super productive day. I am a little behind schedule so tomorrow will have to be more uber productive than super productive. PS I can’t upload a better version here as there are file size limits. Check 

Joan of Arc in progress. Day 5