Consider how many things are born from the forces of nature. Wind, rain, sun, and fire. It’s the concentration of energy in one direction. Fire burns with intensity for as long as the fuel lasts. When the fuel is gone there is smoke. When the smoke is gone there are burning embers. When the embers are gone we have the memories the fire created. Sitting in front of the fire when he put his chin on my shoulder and whispered something in my ear. It didn’t matter what he said. Fire. That’s what making art does to me. It is an intense burst of different fuels following cycles in the supply chain. I’m beginning to understand better what my fuels are and how effective the extinguishers are.

I have been in low maintenance mode for the past 3 weeks while my brain recovers from exhibition preparations that took over my life. I love it and love the opportunities presented by putting myself on a deadline with intended outcomes. The reality is the intended are always amended outcomes. Too many factors to control and I am fairly certain there is a predetermined destiny I am heading for so I watch for the signs and try to read them well enough to act. It’s not a perfect science, but they are also the moments I am most connected to everything. I feel peace in the cauldron hovering over the fire.