Enjoying the last days of summer

Soon I will return to the daily work life with a new job. I am ok with this as having some structure definitely helps the process, but also having some income keeps things moving forward. Of late, I have been meandering through my process. Enjoying the last days of ‘summer’ before I return to the patterns of commuting and going to bed early to wake early. I’ve been walking the streets of my new neighborhood exploring all the different colors and textures. Yesterday I sat in a local park for an hour and then toured through this immense public library only a few blocks from my home. I watched the day laborers catch a siestas. The old couples practice their dances. The lazy pace of all their exhaustion.

The new place does not get direct sunlight until noon, but the bedroom has no light. None. No air circulation causes the room to stay warm through the night although I prefer coolness. The lack of light prevents me from waking in the morning and losing track of time. I am in a bubble. On the other side of the building I’d be woken by the sounds of morning traffic. Ambulance sirens. The children running out the door. Dogs barking. In my room I am in silence. The buzz of the fan. An occasional noise from upstairs or the chicote shop downstairs. My roommate is silent and wears a headset for his music. There is nothing to pull me from bed and I love it. It’s the last gasps of freedom before I dive into a brutal commute and schedule for work.

It will challenge me again to maintain my practice in the studio. I did it before while in California. I worked morning into the afternoon and then went directly to work in the studio. I can generally maintain about 3-5 hours of work daily even with a full time job. The progress of my creative thinking sometimes slows and I lose some momentum in transitions. Some days I come home and go to bed. Some days I decide it is more important to connect with friends. This is the pending reality of my life. I am ok with that.

I look forward to having more daily interactions with people even though I know I will come to regret that statement. I need some structure to get out of my head a bit and organize my thoughts. The new space needs things to fill it up. Create a sense of intimacy and life. The art does a great job at this, but at the moment it could be a gallery or a home. It does not fully define itself. I look forward to being able to spend some money to do bigger pieces in the space. I would love to frame some of the work. I’d like to be able to host a showing or 10 in my space. I want to paint out the brown accents the owner put in. Add color. Things that require more income than I have now.