Dancing into progress


Sorry for the glare in the photo. Hard with wet oil and varnish layers to get a good foto. I am just thinking a stream of consciousness would help me process the progress.

• I really like the idea of differentiating the front row of dancers from the back. I decided on yellow with the glowing red/orange outlines. I like the drama and contrast. You want to tell a story based solely on the colors.

• I am anxious to finish. and Now I don’t like the repeating composition at the top left corner. I am not sure how I will resolve that element at the moment. My mind is processing it. I am feeling like it needs to be much darker so the shape balances and the texture does not overwhelm. I think the instinct was correct, but it’s not quite where I want it to be at the moment. It’s possible green is what I am thinking. Just getting that out. not sure yet.

• Definitely going back into the sky blue streaks from the black border. I am thinking purple will pull it together.

• This piece needs to be framed soon after completion. It means more to me and will motivate progress on other pieces.

• I like the patterns I did with the light blue on the first – middle figure – and I like the smooth treatment on the one on the right. I am not sure how the story changes if I don’t remain consistent. The middle figure needs a tad bit of added contrast to the outlines like the figure to the right.

That’s all for now. I can’t stare at this any longer today.