Colors of Desire

Today I started mapping out the shapes and figuring out the colors I want to use on this large nude piece. With the two figures overlapping I am trying to use two color schemes that compliment and contrast so the shapes don’t get lost. I am also working out which of the two bodies will maintain dominance on the surface and how the shapes overlap to create the motion. Clearly as I am working on this I have decided one will be stronger and one will be transparent to keep the movement. I am playing with the idea of using shadow highlights to outline the second body – which can be seen in the hand on the left shoulder. It’s going to be a slow piece for me because I really have to focus on maintaining the balance of images. Glad I got more varnish this past week so I can play that transparency in many layers. Excited by what I am seeing so far.

Mapping shapes
Mapping the shapes and shadows of the overlapping figure.