Mexicraneos 2019

In English y en Español What an adventure of creative and organizational proportions. I am thrilled to be apart of the project and have learned so much in the process. This page will be updated through the next week as more documentation comes through, but I wanted to give you an overview of different phases … Leap ForwardMexicraneos 2019

Transmutación Tierra

“Transformation is the process of death in which the warrior actively engages once he or she embarks upon the warrior’s path. It starts with transmutation and ends in transfiguration.” ― Théun Mares This series of 151 images is now available in a signed limited edition of 10 prints at 10 in x 12 in (25.5 cm … Leap ForwardTransmutación Tierra

Broken Down

At a cellular level. Totally free and reliant on every other cell around. There it is. I thought the seed had cracked open fully. No. México keeps teaching me new things about myself. It adjusts the lessons in collaboration with the universe. Did you know the universe has a sense of humor? [chuckle] I saw … Leap ForwardBroken Down

Mexicraneos 2019

It has started. Finally after a long wait for the skulls to arrive. Searching for space to work. Trying to get all the numbers to work. It was a typical “ahorita” – hurry up and wait for syndrome here in Mexico. But, yesterday I went and visited the worksite where they store the craneos. It … Leap ForwardMexicraneos 2019


Consider how many things are born from the forces of nature. Wind, rain, sun, and fire. It’s the concentration of energy in one direction. Fire burns with intensity for as long as the fuel lasts. When the fuel is gone there is smoke. When the smoke is gone there are burning embers. When the embers … Leap ForwardFire

Seeds Crack

En Español Baja I was thinking I wanted to do this as a video, but then who wants to see me randomly sobbing. Right. It isn’t a sadness but a seed cracking open. What I know about myself is that preparing a show is always an emotional experience. You take what you are doing to … Leap ForwardSeeds Crack

Evidence Exists

Despite or because of the season, I need to make a point of reflecting on false evidence appearing real. FEAR. I get emotional and forget that life is layered much like my artwork. It is a work in process and I’ve made a few mistakes. I’ve also made a few happy mistakes. 2018 is no … Leap ForwardEvidence Exists

Angeles en Mexico

I am not a religious person, but I grew up in a very Catholic family. My memories of church were more about allegories to live ones’ life by, punctuated by rituals, and a crush on one of the priests. I can’t divorce those experiences from the use of angels as a metaphor for my current … Leap ForwardAngeles en Mexico

New Pathways

From the start of my process I have wanted to create images that were solely my own. Unique and representative of my view point of the world. I can remember taking all those photos in the streets of DF over 17 years. Each time returning to the scene I had shot to capture the aging … Leap ForwardNew Pathways

Muchos Más

Muchos Más. Many More. Fitting reminder there will be many more pieces to come with the willingness to allow them. I am nervous. Tonight I will start at the new job with a feast and camaraderie. New peers disconnected from my art reality but apart of it even if they don’t know or experience it. … Leap ForwardMuchos Más

More from Cuba

July 9th, 2018 2:30PM The windows in my room face into a central well area, which I presumed was for light, but did not warn me when morning had come. Although I’d gone to bed around 1AM, I still woke up at 9AM on the dot. Good morning Cuba! I leapt from bed feeling mostly … Leap ForwardMore from Cuba

Raw look at the photos

A few days ago I posted this video to give a little more explanation on my photo process. I am including here with the video repost the contact sheet of the raw photos from that same day. If you have questions or just want to chat about this let me know.

Debating the Value of Specific Exhibition Opportunities

This post is a stream of consciousness so it goes back and forth a bit. It’s a decision making progress externalized. That in mind the writing may be hard to follow so I recored a short video covering the points. Mixture of excitement over doing the work anchored in my usual pessimism it will be … Leap ForwardDebating the Value of Specific Exhibition Opportunities

Eating Emotions

I sent a message to a friend in California today asking for advice on social media marketing. It’s not a big deal, but it got flashed back to me that I hadn’t been keeping up with what was going on in their life and I wasn’t being very socially graceful. Directness is often a problem … Leap ForwardEating Emotions

The Store is LIVE!

  Update: The store is now live by clicking on Photo or Paintings in the menu!  As I have mentioned before, right now most of the sales component of my artwork is being handled through DABart and online at It’s great exposure and lovely to have representation via a gallery. The problem that arises … Leap ForwardThe Store is LIVE!

Things are Poppin’

I’ve made great progress this week in bringing things back into my studio that I am paying other people for. For instance, the site is being moved inside of this site I was paying 10% of my earnings to to host my site and provide the option of membership subscriptions at different … Leap ForwardThings are Poppin’

Tour of Abandoned 19th Century Buildings

Today was a unique experience you’d be hard pressed to find the opportunity to do in CDMX. I was contacted by a developer who works with historical buildings around El Centro in Ciudad de Mexico. They have several buildings which are currently slated to be rehabilitated, but due to the historic nature of the buildings … Leap ForwardTour of Abandoned 19th Century Buildings

Just moments before

Prepped as much as possible. I will be adding some notes to this page and in this same location. Perhaps some as I go through the shoot, but more likely reflections afterwords. If you are subscribing to my for $5 or more you get access to the proofs. Become a Patron! and view the contact … Leap ForwardJust moments before