Catching my breathe @chromaticexplorer

It’s not been an easy transition into the new job. I am finding it hard to adjust to the schedule of going to bed around 8PM to be up around 4:30AM. A one to two hour commute in each direction via metro, micro, and taxi. I am engaged in the experience and enjoying the people watching. I am not happy about the effects on my energy. I have slowed significantly with this new opportunity, but also the effects of having two compression fractures in my lower vertebrae. And in the midst of all this I have now finished this painting, prepped 3 exhibitions, and made great progress in my photography.

Tonight I decided to post this series I have been working on this week. I was taking these photos during darker hours and listening to coverage of the Kavanaugh debacles. I just can’t get over how poorly we treat women in this life. As if anything is to be won by dragging the victim through the mud in front of the entire world. The entire affair was a sour note in our human history. I was happy that Kavanaugh revealed his true character when he went on a conspiracy rant. Now one would truly have to be insane to allow this man a seat on the Supreme Court which values not taking sides.

I had high hopes of dropping some wisdom here tonight, but I am exhausted. I did manage to shoot new work today and paint. I am finding this pain a bit hard to break through, but I am not letting it take over my life right now either.