The Store is LIVE!


Update: The store is now live by clicking on Photo or Paintings in the menu! 

As I have mentioned before, right now most of the sales component of my artwork is being handled through DABart and online at It’s great exposure and lovely to have representation via a gallery. The problem that arises for me as an artist is that I put all the time, energy, and resources into creating the art and other people are reaping more of the benefit than myself. The gallery will get 40%, prints of work reduce my take by another 20-40%, and by time I get my money there’s not much left. As a result I started on a mission to duplicate that store and expand it from my studio.

If you go to my facebook page you will note there is now an addition of a store to sale prints of photos and original paintings printed in limited editions. It has been a super slow process to get this up and going. Even though it appears to be fairly WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get), I have found it to be rather complex. It’s given me the opportunity to organize and bring things together in a more concrete way, but it has absorbed many days in the process. It’s ok right now as I recover from this stomach illness and regain my energy to be sitting in front of a computer. For sanity sake I am doing it in local Starbucks just to be outside the house. Now that a majority of the products are up the goal is to build the store into this site as well. This will bring the patreon element, store, and general site all to one place. No more splitting attentions. I can finally focus the marketing for commissions and prints. Woohoo.

I know. I know. This is the boring side of the art practice, but it is the side I am hoping will continue to support the studio for some time. Thanks for your patience in the trickle of new work and process coming down the pipes. I promise it won’t be a forever thing. Just have to stabilize the studio with income.

I have created this space where I can share my creative processes directly with you and reward you for your support for as little as $5 a month.  You come into my studio and have become part of the conversation. We’re going to go on this journey together and you will get rewarded for your patronage.

As a patron you gain access
• View my sketches, which I don’t post or show anyone
• Personal elements that connect to the work, like photo albums and journals
• Streaming access to studio time
• Videos about the actual process and how the work comes together
• One-on-one time with the artist
• Previews of work while in creation
• Build your art collection. Receive custom artwork in the mail. (Remember when it was
fun to go to the mailbox?)
• Satisfaction of knowing your supporting the creative community!

Let’s be in this together. I’m ready to open my studio to you and share my practice. Click that membership link in the menu!