Broken Down

At a cellular level. Totally free and reliant on every other cell around. There it is. I thought the seed had cracked open fully.


Cráneo #78

México keeps teaching me new things about myself. It adjusts the lessons in collaboration with the universe. Did you know the universe has a sense of humor? [chuckle] I saw you wince.

Cráneo #79

“I’d like to leave things alive, permanently if I can.”

– John Cage
Cráneo #80

“Rather than trying to find out what the book is about, this opens up the possibility of doing many things with the book. Bringing it to life in other forms.” – John Cage

– John Cage
Cráneo #83

“But I like this other attitude…which is more a-kin to the music. Where experience becomes more to the point than understanding.”

– John Cage
Cráneo #87

Why is this so odd? Oh. I am not telling you how I feel. I am just feeling it. Experiencing the discomfort. Putting it onto the surface. Offering it here.

“But this is our experience of life every day. Where ever we are, a large amount of what we have to experience is being destroyed. If for instance you are looking across the street and a car passes between you and what you are looking at. Or if you go to a museum where you think that you would have greater peace and quiet. As you’re looking at the Monet Lisa someone passes in front of you for or bumps into you.”

– John Cage