Blue Monday

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Man am I exhausted from the photo shoots this weekend and the subsequent hours of parsing images to see if I had what I needed. Today, Monday, is supposed to be my day off, so I allowed myself to sleep in. I woke up at 9AM and laid in bed until about 10:30AM. Flooded with guilt but my body was super tired from walking up and down the ladder for several hours readjusting the model pose and lighting. One of those days where you wish you had a studio assistant to bark commands at so the flow could remain constant. Thankfully the models, not professional, were easy to work with and made every attempt to fulfill my wishes. 
Many observations came out of doing these two shoots over the weekend. 
• The idea is working, but there are some things I can do that will make subsequent production a lot easier. For instance; I can purchase some extension cords to have more flexibility with the lights, but that means I also need to pay more attention to where the cords are in the photos. 
• I need to broaden my vocabulary to learn some commands for movement. Several times we were stopped by my mind and my language skills not tracking one another. 
• I am considering the mattress leaned up against the wall and elevating the model. It came to me in my dream last night. 
• There is a huge difference in working with actual models or dancers than there is working with someone with no experiences. It’s just a different kind of experience requiring different types of engagement. 
• It’s more difficult to work with models you find attractive. There are temptations of course, but I don’t want any #metoo moments to be apart of my history either. 
• I need a bigger bed and a few more ladders. 
• 1 photoshoot is all I can do in a day. I had originally scheduled 2 for each day and via momentum they pulled out and made the days easier. A mixed blessing for sure. 
I feel like I have a lot to work with and can already imagine what a room full of these paintings might look like. I am comfortable with the erotic nature of the images, but in conversations with a few people they try to sexualize this too much. What it tells me is the context of the exhibition will be essential to clarify and create conversation. I need to go back to my post about desire and loneliness and hash out more of the context.