Feliz Viernes – Happy Friday!

Felize Viernes a todo. I am a little behind today as I woke up to find my site had disappeared from the host. Qué susto! What a scare. My domain registration updated and it reverted back to forwarding to facebook.com. Not sure why and neither was godaddy. Other than waiting on the phone for 45 minutes listening to Dave Brubeck on a 1 minute loop…ug. That would kill anyones’ interest in jazz for sure. Love Dave…not on a one minute loop.

Today I will be working more on the Joan of Arc mural size painting. I am fretting over how I want to treat the arms, background and textile. Yesterday I was playing around with the background and realized I’d repeated the same patterns as the skin. I like the effect. I was thinking it is interesting to have that pattern repeated. I often use skin tones in paper tears and other places so it is not unusual for me, but then the arms…what to do with the arms? I had also purchased gold metallic spray paint to experiment with it for the armor effect I want to create with the textile area…or use on the background. I can’t decide. I think the question is where I want the emphasis to be for the viewer. It’s quite the brain twister for me. I am going to take a photo and play with it in photoshop first. Let’s see what that yields.

1:02 She is everything to me. I love her energy. She is absorbing color and light and emitting it at a higher frequency. I can feel her power moving on the surface. She wants me to make sure no one looks anywhere else.

3:25 I am running to the art supply store. I want to experiment with markers and more spray paints. I need a sandwich or something to tide me over.

5:09 Ug she is babbling to me. I am out of sorts and need a moment off. I’ve blocked in the shirt and part of the textile. Got the gold layered in to other patches. It’s all starting to make sense.