Radio Silence

Don’t assume my silence isn’t because I am not working. On the contrary, I am in full speed mode. Not all activity is directly related to creating the actual work. Sometimes it’s all about business…which reminds me of 10 things I need to do this week still. I sent off 10 new images to get … Leap ForwardRadio Silence


  Thanks to my friend Mark and his excellent massage skills, I was able to pick back up on this piece again. My hand had gotten to the point where it was swelling and making it difficult to hold the pastel stick and other tools. It turned out to be somewhat of a benefit for … Leap ForwardJoan


Here’s the thing I never got in college from my teachers. Failure happens a lot in the creation of anything. We just don’t talk about it because we’re afraid that failing makes us failures. There is the judgement in our minds long before others are allowed to judge us. In art it’s out there, right? … Leap ForwardFailure

A Longggg Day

Well I have to thank my friend Miguel Adrian for stopping over after his long day of work to be figure model for me so I could work out ideas for the mural. Here I am at 10:10PM tapping away. Got as far as I can for today. Much happier with this direction. I think … Leap ForwardA Longggg Day

Colors of Desire

Today I started mapping out the shapes and figuring out the colors I want to use on this large nude piece. With the two figures overlapping I am trying to use two color schemes that compliment and contrast so the shapes don’t get lost. I am also working out which of the two bodies will … Leap ForwardColors of Desire